Form follows Spirit


As an executive coach I am specialized in female leadership. I guide female leaders that work in a masculine environment. I also guide male leaders in discovering their feminine side.  As females we are eMANcipated and that means that we invest a lot of energy in our active (masculine) side. When I decided to write a book on female leadership. I focused my energy, structured the chapter titles, and spent a lot of time thinking about marketing and target groups to make this book a success. Not exactly the female approach. During this process of generating ideas, I was riding my bike in the rush of the city when I suddenly had to stop for a van. The slogan on this vehicle woke me up from what felt like a hypnotic state. It said FORM FOLLOWS SPIRIT, which made me realize that I had to slow down and focus on my passion. I decided to be much more open to the moment and that’s when images started to find my camera.

I call this “the art of the click,” the ability to capture the miracles of daily life in a picture. People who buy my work say that it helps them remember to acknowledge the magic in every precious moment. I am still learning what the actual power of the feminine is but it surely is related to the ability to be in the moment and to let creativity find you. It’s just a click away.


Sara Hermanides

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