INSIDE BLACK is a dynamic concept, in which the depth and meaning of the color black is explored through Art, Science and Culture. This project includes a book and an art exhibition. Black is loaded with associations through-

out history referring to race, class, religion, the human shadow side, the unknown and now Black holes. These subjects will be addressed INSIDE BLACK. The book INSIDE BLACK contains 33 chapters from artists, poets, and visionaries from the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA, to give their take on what black means to them,

personally and professionally.

INSIDE BLACK the exhibition will investigate the meaning of black through painting, drawing, photography, a

video-installation featuring New York spoken word poets, and more. We want to stimulate the viewers to see black

in a new perspective. Whether it be about race, the darkness of night, or the stranger in ourselves, blackness is the invitation to open our minds. We are striving to contradict the negative connotations which we have been conditioned to believe about ‘what is black’ in Western society. INSIDE BLACK explores and celebrates the many

sides of black from what we thought we knew to the spirit of who we really are.  

The book, INSIDE BLACK, will be available from the 24TH of august 2020. My photos are included in my chapter INSIDE BLACK and throughout the book.

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