INSIDE BLACK is a dynamic concept, which will begin by publishing a book that investigates the depth and meaning of the color black. The launch of the book will be followed by a group exhibition the 5th of September 2020 in Arti et Amicitiae. In art, science, politics (Black is Beautiful / Black Lives Matter) and spirituality, black is loaded with associations referring to race, class, religion, fashion, the mystery of the unknown, our shadow side and black holes. INSIDE BLACK, the book, artists, poets, writers, and visionaries from the Netherlands and the USA will join the challenge to question negative connotations around black. Their voices will be the light INSIDE BLACK. The book will be a platform; an exploration through individual expertise and an opportunity to build a bridge toward unification. 

The book, INSIDE BLACK, will be available from the 24TH of august 2020. My photos are included in my chapter INSIDE BLACK and throughout the book.

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